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Fubi Chan, also known as DaddyBoy®, is a local, self-taught animator who is deeply inspired by the infamous cult films by director Mou Tun Fei from the 1960s. His designs are distinctive fan art of Mou’s movies, capturing some of their iconic scenes in his own unique visual language. 

Fubi's work can also be seen at "ILOVEYOURGIRLFRIEND,” a new-gen barber shop in Taipei that combines art, music, ‘grillz,’ and barber culture.


DaddyBoy®️,原名Fubi Chan ,一位自學成才的本土動畫師。其創作靈感源自60年代臭名昭著的Cult片導演牟敦芾,作品捕捉了牟導演電影中的一些標誌性場面,可說是種另類的影迷致敬之作。


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