Faat³ Gok³ Gaai¹ Tau⁴ Saa¹ Long⁴: Group Exhibition (2020)

In collaboration with The Stallery, L’Epicerie Fine HK is delighted to present a new curated group show titled Faat³ Gok³ Gaai¹ Tau⁴ Saa¹ Long⁴; and is proud to be part of this year’s Le French May 2020 associated projects.

Translating to “The French Street Salon” in Cantonese, the new show will introduce thirteen established and emerging artists active in the street art scene in France to Hong Kong viewers and collectors. Through its cohesive narrative, the show will highlight the participating artists’ diverse personal backgrounds, stories, and influences while drawing out points of confluence that make their works distinctly French.

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