Standing Up

The photograph captures a moment caught between stasis and dynamism—a Japanese street acrobat in Ueno, Tokyo, is balancing on top of two chairs flipped upside down.

Even though the moment is candid, the figures of the two identical chairs recall the duplication in other works in the series by the artist, this time exploring the boundary between equilibrium and collapse. 

The captions (eg 'cool') printed directly on the photographs take inspiration from the internet meme culture we are obsessed with today; perfectly placing the viewer in a complete state of passivity in every sense of the word (physically and visually), where outstanding feats of bravery are forgotten and disregarded as mere mediocre achievements. As the viewer sits idly looking at the performance in the photographs, the artworks automatically comment for them, in all lowercase and abnegation; rendering the viewer a product of the artwork completely, similar to how the social media giants make money by turning their customers into products of data-harvesting and receivers of personalized ad campaigns.    

 All artworks in the series are framed in a black Italian wooden frame with glass and spacer. They add sophistication and vogue into your space beautifully, as solo pieces or as a set of five. 

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