Street Art is Free Unless It's Framed

This series of art photography is composed of a zoomed-in detail of a spray-painted metal gates found in around the neighborhood of Stone Nullah Lane, in Wanchai (Blue House), Hong Kong.

At first glance, the vibrant yellow and blue of the spray paint are eye-catching, but the viewer, in search of more “meaning”, might be led to wonder what the original graffiti looked like in its full scale. In denying this information, the photograph creates art from art by focusing attention on a detail from a larger, anonymous composition to highlight the beautiful contrasts in color and texture inherent in this disjointed form. 

The series' titled "Street Art is Free" is contrasted and juxtaposed by the contemporary trend of placing street art in international galleries and art conventions where they are no longer really street art, therefore no longer free and public. All the pieces are unique as they are pieces of conceptual art; they were all photographed, printed and framed in Hong Kong at The Stallery. All works are framed with a white matte Italian wooden frame with glass and is perfect for you edgy decor.

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