This series expands on the theme of duplication by iterating an identical image of a spotlight six times—arranged into a constellation of three pairs. The composition recalls the symmetry of many disparate forms, from the human spine to architectural structures, bringing many different frames of reference together into an aesthetic whole.

The series' idea comes from the play on the universal rule of thirds when it comes to photographic and artistic compositions, permitting you to compose your wall's decor entirely out of basic compositions and instantly giving your space a sense of structure. 

The original photograph was taken with a Leica R5 at noonday in the downtown area of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, back in 2013. The lights were not on, and neither did the billboard they were supposed to shine have anything to advertise. "I was surprised by the mathematics, emptiness and simplicity," says Chang. 

All photographs are framed in a matte, metallic black Italian frame with glass and were framed and printed locally in Hong Kong.  

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