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Mukashi Mukashi (2020) by Bao Ho - Prints

Mukashi Mukashi (2020) by Bao Ho - Prints

Mukashi Mukashi (which means “Once upon a time” in Japanese) is the first solo print exhibition by Bao Ho in collaboration with The Stallery & L’Epicerie Fine HK.
The solo exhibition will present about 25 different prints to the public for which Bao worked on for several years. After viewing and presenting a lot of different drawings, only 25 final images were selected. As being commissioned and working a lot in these last years with big companies, while travelling or having some time to rest in Hong Kong, Bao drew a lot using her Ipad and accompanying her everywhere. It is an important tool for Bao. Not having it “feels terrible,” says the artist. While being home, waiting for a plane or being abroad in her hotel room, she lays down on and starts drawing freehand. Each creation has been time-lapse and will be on a screen at The Stallery.

It will be Bao’s first exhibition in 3 years, this is why through the exhibition, we discover Bao’s different world in which we find her characters and fantastic creatures really detailed. But, also by looking at each image, we understand the scene and the artist mood while creating the piece. As travelling a lot lately and working hard, we understand that Bao is creating another world in which we can relate and understand her emotion.

Mukashi Mukashi will take place and open to the public at The Stallery Wanchai from March 28 to April 11, 2020. Every print, in a signed edition of 20 each, will be presented and on sale.

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