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BOMS is a Hong Kong street artist, graffiti writer, and BBoy. His early creation focused on acrylic and canvas painting, until his interest started to grow on street dancing in 2008 and became deeply influenced by hip-hop culture. He devoted himself to mural creation since he had his first taste of graffiti in 2014. Hong Kong local stories are a common theme among his creations. By transforming feelings and emotions into imaginary characters and words, each character that drops from his brush is no less a human than anyone of us. 

BOMS 是香港街頭藝術家、塗鴉作家和 BBoy。 他的早期創作主要集中在丙烯和帆布繪畫上,直到2008年開始對街舞產生興趣,並深受嘻哈文化的影響。 自2014年第一次體驗塗鴉以來,他就致力於壁畫創作。香港本土故事是他創作的共同主題。 通過將感情和情感轉化為虛構的人物和文字,從他的畫筆中掉下來的每個人物都比我們任何人都更像人類。 


Amsterdam Street Art - Boms, turning feelings into characters

Featured Prints

Post No Bill (2020) by BOMS: Limited Editions

Post No Bill (2020) by BOMS: Limited Editions

The End of 2020: Group Exhibition

The End of 2020: Group Exhibition

Featured Exhibitions

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