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Ernest Chang is a Chinese-American multidisciplinary artist with deuteranopia (red-green color-blindness). Chang was born in Tampa, Florida and moved to Hong Kong when he was young where he has been based since. He studied photography briefly at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida and Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong before dedicating himself to his artistic practice full-time.

Chang’s work often utilizes innovative visual media, digital platforms, futuristic compositional elements, as well as heightened color contrasts and contours. His works investigate the under-examined societal tensions in contemporary city life and consumerism, in which technology is becoming ever more personal and interpersonal.

Chang has been featured in solo exhibitions at venues such as the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair (2015), the Hong Kong Correspondent’s Club (2016), Harley-Davidson of Hong Kong (2017), KONG Art Space (2018) and Ethos (2019); with group exhibitions at The Stallery (2019-2020), Hong Kong Arts Collective (2019), Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (2019) and Detour at PMQ (2020) alongside prominent local and international artists. Most notably in September 2016, his exhibition of fine art photographs taken inside the original Blue House before its renovations began gained wide acclaim. In 2018, his series ‘Tear & Consume: An Art Experiment’ pioneered the first exhibition in Hong Kong where you can touch and destroy his paintings.

張子言是一個華裔美籍跨專業藝術家,天生紅綠色盲。他在佛羅里達州坦帕市出生,少時移居香港。在投入全職藝術工作前,他在Ringling College of Art 和薩凡納藝術設計學院短暫學習攝影。


子言曾在Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair(2015), 香港外國記者俱樂部(2016), Harley Davidson of Hong Kong (2017), KONG Art Space (2018)和Ethos (2019) 舉辦個人展覽,亦曾參與其他知名本地和海外藝術家在The Stallery (2018-2020 ,  Hong Kong Arts Collective(2019),   Hong Kong Visual Art Centre (2019)和 Detour at PMQ(2020)參加展覽。最享盛名的是2016年9月他為未裝修前的「藍屋」所創作的藝術攝影展,和2018年他的「破·廢」系列展 ——開創了在香港首個有觀眾在展覽進行中參與毁滅作品的實驗。

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