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Bao Ho

Bao Ho is a Hong Kong-born and based artist. She has been drawing since her childhood, has worked as a graphic designer for several years, and after travelling to Milan where she met a local artist and introduced her to the street art world, she then came back to her city Hong Kong to settle and became a full-time artist. 

Since her come back in 2014, Bao has been painting walls more than actively. She always has a new project coming. Indeed, she’s been commissioned and collaborated with Nike, Google, Microsoft, Maserati and more. But aside from these projects, she also works on her own art pieces as she feels the need to draw and paint. It is like breathing and a need for her. She gets back home from her day and starts drawing and creating her own imaginary world. 

A humble, creative and talented artist, when she can, she grabs her painting or spray paint and goes on to paint in the streets of Hong Kong. Her own imagination brings her to create a whole new world with her humans and animal characters, fantastic creatures and different sceneries that we mostly encounter in our daily lives in Hong Kong. Bringing us in her dimension, we can notice a remarkable doodling and manga drawing style that she does freehand each and single time. It is quite amazing to see her when she is in action on a wall, on paper or even on her iPad. 

Bao still develops new techniques by using new materials, new mediums to express herself and surprises everyone. Also, she continues to travel a lot with projects in Australia, China, England or Taiwan as being invited for festivals or commissioned walls. 

Bao has exhibited in several Hong Kong’s art galleries and has been recently commissioned by the Museum of Athens. This young Hong Kong artist has a bright future ahead to explore many more mediums and welcoming us into her world. 

Bao Ho 是一位出生於香港的藝術家。她從小就開始畫畫,做過幾年平面設計師,在前往米蘭認識當地藝術家並將她介紹給街頭藝術世界後,她回到她的城市香港定居和定居。成為全職藝術家。

自 2014 年回歸以來,鮑一直在積極地粉刷牆壁。她總是有新的項目來。事實上,她曾受委託與耐克、谷歌、微軟、瑪莎拉蒂等公司合作。但除了這些項目,她還創作自己的藝術作品,因為她覺得需要繪畫。這就像呼吸和對她的需要。她從她的一天回到家,開始繪畫和創造她自己的想像世界。

一個謙虛、有創造力和才華橫溢的藝術家,只要有可能,她就會拿起她的畫或噴漆,繼續在香港街頭作畫。她的想像力讓她用她在香港日常生活中經常遇到的人類和動物角色、奇妙的生物和不同的風景創造一個全新的世界。將我們帶入她的維度,我們可以注意到她每次都徒手繪製的非凡塗鴉和漫畫繪畫風格。當她在牆上、紙上甚至在她的 iPad 上活動時,看到她真是太神奇了。


Featured Prints

Mukashi Mukashi (2020) by Bao Ho - Prints

Mukashi Mukashi (2020) by Bao Ho - Prints

The End of 2020: Group Exhibition

The End of 2020: Group Exhibition

Featured Exhibitions

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