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Chak 翟宗浩

Solidly grounded in traditional methodologies, Chak’s philosophy of painting is drawn out in oil, acrylic and ink. Each composition is a manifestation of the painter’s belief in the need to remain in conversation with nature. His study of plants, rivers and hillsides are influenced by the painter’s idealised mission to recreate nature through his own sophisticated form of craftsmanship. Chak is fascinated with the calm that nature offers each of us to recharge amidst our hectic days within urban environments.

Chung H. Chak graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1981, then continued his education at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and completed an MFA from Queens College in New York, a residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine and the National Artists Program at the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York City. He has received prestigious awards from the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial (Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1979) and Youth Art Now: Asia (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 1980).

扎克的繪畫哲學以傳統方法為基礎,以油畫、丙烯和墨水為基礎。 每幅作品都體現了畫家需要與自然保持對話的信念。 他對植物、河流和山坡的研究受到畫家理想化使命的影響,即通過他自己複雜的工藝形式再造自然。 Chak 著迷於大自然為我們每個人在城市環境中忙碌的日子裡提供的平靜。

Chung H. Chak 1981年畢業於香港中文大學美術系,之後在東京國立美術大學繼續深造,並在紐約皇后學院完成了碩士學位,並在Skowhegan School實習 緬因州繪畫和雕塑以及紐約市 PS1 當代藝術中心的國家藝術家計劃。 他曾獲得香港當代藝術雙年展(香港藝術館,1979)和青年藝術:亞洲(香港藝術中心,1980)的獎項。

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Not Anything 不是東西 by Chak - PRINTS

Not Anything 不是東西 by Chak - PRINTS

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