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Space Rich (2023) by CHANG

Space Rich (2023) by CHANG

In the same vein as 2021’s “Bling Dynasty,” which explored contemporary (pre-pandemic) global consumerism by bringing together Chinese and Western culture and artistic styles in provocative visual hybrids, “Space Rich” will again entice viewers by its incorporation of recognizable figures and icons from pop culture and luxury brands in its compositions.

This time, “earthly” icons are juxtaposed against the barren landscape of Mars, in a sort of visual contemplation of what deep space habitation will be like if it is possible, and whether “escape” from reality—into outer space or to virtual reality—is truly possible for those of us inhabiting a world dominated by consumerist urges and social media feeds.

The Stallery invites viewers on a foray into Chang’s imaginative visions of Mars and its futuristic inhabitants’ footprint on it, which, as always in his practice, are at once provocative and playfully enticing
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