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Post No Bill (2020) by BOMS: Limited Editions

Post No Bill (2020) by BOMS: Limited Editions

Post No Bill presents BOMS’ works from different stages of his artistic oeuvre including his iconic characters, photography of his street art and graffiti, contemporary Chinese calligraphy and the local hip-hop scene. 

BOMS (b. 1990) is a graffiti artist working in Hong Kong. Starting out in his early practice with acrylic on canvas, BOMS strayed away from the traditional medium after discovering street dancing and hip-hop at the age of 17. It was through the local hip-hop scene that he was exposed to graffiti art for the first time, and its down-to-earth power in capturing city dwellers’ attention with bursts of creativity soon also captured his artistic imagination. He started to devote himself to spray-painting murals and is now one of Hong Kong’s most recognizable street artists.

“My favorite part of graffiti is its down-to-earth rawness. It is also a kind of connection between me and the city that I can literally see, that constantly reminds me of where I’m from.” - BOMS


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