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Born From Thoughts (2023) by SiuKins

Born From Thoughts (2023) by SiuKins

“In Kodoku Garden, the white-haired boy Vero is born within a massive bubble of thoughts , much like the Monkey King emerging from a stone. He is inherently sensitive, with countless questions and complex emotions swirling in his mind, unable to escape. As the years pass, the act of rumination gradually becomes a burden, shaping another version of himself. Now, Vero's sole desire is to find a trace of tranquility and solace within this vast emptiness.”

"Have you ever pondered how a thought or feeling would manifest if it became a tangible object instead of a fleeting wave within your mind?" With this interesting question, SIUKINS invites you to enter his Kodoku Garden, a fictitious place constructed from countless floating thought bubbles. Through Vero's captivating journey, SIUKINS embarks on a profound exploration, unveiling the depths of his inner self and emotional states before the audience, and delves into the intricate themes of identity, introspection, and the multifaceted nature of human emotions.


The artworks in the exhibition "Born From Thoughts" are not only independent pieces but also interconnected, forming a narrative that reflects SIUKINS' personal experiences, emotions, and thought processes while skillfully conveying a profound sense of alienation.


SIUKINS' painting style is deeply inspired by Japanese manga culture, with recurring characters and thought bubbles that evoke elements of Japanese superflat art.  This allows audience members of different age groups to resonate with the art while leaving infinite room for their imagination. Although these works may appear simple, upon closer observation, viewers can discover how the artist ingeniously reconstructs his carefully crafted worldview, and, in the process, infuse it with new vitality. The juxtaposition of familiarity and reconstruction creates a unique visual language that invites viewers to contemplate the power and essence of thought, as well as the transformative potential of art. Through this series of new works, SIUKINS encourages the audience to explore their inner worlds and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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