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Cynthia Omi

Cynthia Omi

Cynthia Luk's artistic inspiration draws from her unique reflection on our everyday experiences, expressed with a mix of experimental media, techniques and tools that constantly evolve. Each work is an honest reflection of her own mindset in that very moment. From an early obsession with drawing, Cynthia soon pursued a serious profession in arts. 

As a fashion graphics designer, Cynthia has cooperated with brands including Nike, Calvin Klein, Le Coq Sportif and Li-Ning. She has also done illustrations for local films, in addition to numerous public murals. Cynthia has recently been focused on her work as a tattoo artist.


作為時尚圖形設計師,Cynthia 曾與 Nike, Calvin Klein,Le Coq Sportif 和 Li-Ning合作。  作為插畫家,她曾參與香港本地電影的電影片頭插畫,亦創作了很多壁畫。現時 Cynthia 主要專注於紋身創作。

基於對自然界動植物的喜愛與好奇,作品常常加入了自己對大自然的幻想, 也會運用動植物的特徵去替自己的作品說話。

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