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Night Fung 馮禮慈 | The Stallery Store

Night Fung 馮禮慈

Night Fung 馮禮慈 is a Hong Kong-based painter who began establishing an artistic practice in recent years. Drawing inspiration from traditional ink techniques, aesthetics of East Asian art and concepts of Chinese Chan (Zen), his paintings are serene and joyful, often resembling abstracted landscapes.

His art is a mix of traditional and new, and East meets West in some ways because these ideas are all connected in his creative practice. The artist intends to inspire those who see his works to look at the world in new moods, with a ‘new lens’, which enable them to discover beauty in various places and moments. Making the colour dance and the ink flow brings joy to Night Fung. Hence, he hopes those who see his works could share the same joy.

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