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Tim Marsh - Prints

Tim Marsh - Prints

Tim Marsh was born in Paris in 1984. He became passionate about extreme sports. This was to have a bearing on his later works. He then practiced capoeira for 15 years and draws a large part of his inspiration from this period, exploring tribal motives in the graffiti works he produced during this time.

In 2006 he moved into the fashion industry as creator of trends for clothing brands, whilst at the same time directing the fashion pages for Snatch Magazine until 2011. It was at this time that he began asserting a more personal style, expressed initially through his first paintings which evoked a conceptual rendering of childhood memories, mainly represented by kinetic and ludic representations of emblematic animals.

He thus developed a very personal architectural style, composing his works based on complex and dynamic geometric forms, patterns and lines which embed movement within the depths of his two-dimensional works.

His creations provoke a theatrical mood taking in a palette of retro-style colours which he applies with spray paint and Poscas. His compositions are characterized by the mixture and variety of techniques, developing the work using specific materials and medium such as tape, stencils and paint jars in his most recent work.

Tim Marsh is continuously trying out new supports, constantly experimenting his creative process and echoing his experience in extreme sports by painting on surf and skate boards or objects of functional conception.

He currently lives and works between Paris and Barcelona, constantly experimenting and developing his techniques.

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