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WoA'22 - Part 1

WoA'22 - Part 1

The Stallery WCH, local artist Ernest Chang’s hybrid studio and gallery space in Wan Chai’s historic Stone Nullah Lane neighborhood, is pleased to present “WoA ‘22” - which stands for “Works of Art 2022”, a two-part group exhibition featuring solely Hong Kong-based artists whose works span a wide range of media and themes, from abstract acrylic landscape paintings to conceptual works created with tapestry and AI-generated images.

Part 1 of the exhibition, featuring recent works by (in alphabetical order) Chak, Chang, Craig Au Yeung, Frog King, Irving Cheung, Kanny Yeung, Law Yuk Sing, Liu Siu Jane, Man Tin and Roy Lee, will open to public on July 16 and run until August 15, 2022 (closed on Monday & Tuesday).

The participating artists are members of the local artist collective “WoA (Works of Art)” founded in August 2019 by founding member and prominent contemporary Chinese ink artist Chak with the aims of fostering exchange between emerging and established artists living and working in Hong Kong; and, more importantly, facilitating the ogranization of artist-initiated outreach to the local public in the form of group exhibitions in accessible venues.

The upcoming show is the fourth group exhibition organized by the “WoA” collective. Given the collective’s founding objective of empowering its members to engage local audiences in a “bottom-up” manner, The Stallery WCH is an apt venue because of its integral role in many grassroots and community-based art projects in Wan Chai since its opening in 2014.
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