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WoA'22 - Part 2

WoA'22 - Part 2

The second part of the group exhibition “WoA ’22” (WoA: Works of Art) is back at The Stallery WCH from Aug 27, 2022 to Sep 25, 2022 (except Mondays and Tuesdays) after a well-received first installment that engaged both the local community around Wan Chai’s Stone Nullah Lane as well as lovers of Hong Kong contemporary art beyond the historic neighbourhood.
In the same vein as “WoA ’22 Part One,” the upcoming show will feature ten Hong Kong-based artists from the “WoA (Works of Art)” collective, a local artist collective founded in August 2019 by contemporary ink artist Chak: Cornelia Erdmann, David Boyce, Greer Howland Smith, Leong Ka Tai, Natalia Chu, Night Fung, Simone Boon, Siuman Lo, Tim Li, and Yim Wai-Wai Florence (in alphabetical order).
In keeping with WoA’s founding objective of providing a platform for Hong Kong artists to exchange ideas and reach the local public, “WoA ’22 Part Two” will once again highlight works that are united by the common thread of Hong Kong as a city – in all its real and imagined incarnations – while spanning diverse creative styles, media, and themes.
Within The Stallery’s edgy and intimate space, viewers will see abstract landscapes and playful illustrations created in diverse media from oil to ink, colored pencils to crayons, contemplative and experimental photography, video art intersecting with architecture, as well as conceptual sculptures created from common and less common materials.
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