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WOA ‘23, which stands for Works of Art 2023, is an annually held group exhibition between a collective of prominent Hong Kong-based artists at The Stallery. This year, the exhibition will feature new and old members, spanning a range of mediums and themes from abstract acrylics to AI-generated images and conceptual sculptures. The artists include Chak 翟宗浩, Ernest CHANG, David Boyce, David Clarke, Francis Yu Wai Luen 余偉聯, Gerard Henry, Greer Howland, Irving Cheung 張蚊, IV Chan 陳子雯, Jeremy Ip, Liu Siu Jane 廖少珍, Man Tin 田禮文, Michael Nock, Rachel Psmith, Roy Lee, Siuman Lo, Tam Wai Ping 譚偉平 and Tim Li. 

All the participants artists are members of the local artist collective “WoA (Workers of Art)” founded in August 2019 by founding member and prominent contemporary Chinese ink artist Chak with the aims of fostering exchange between emerging and established artists living and working in Hong Kong; and, more importantly, facilitating the ogranization of artist-initiated outreach to the local public in the form of group exhibitions in accessible venues.


with SPECIAL THANKS to @Sutton for being our Cultural Partner in this project and for always supporting our artistic endeavors with professionalism and passion

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